We demand the best from our instructor, so they can demand the best from you. Our instructors have to meet high standards of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening, and fitness assessments. But most importantly, our instructors excel at applying their knowledge to all walks of life, from athletes to seniors.


 Maria is a certified yoga (RYT 300), fitness (CPT) and wellness instructor. She began her exploration with yoga over 16 years ago. Maria’s teaching style is intuitive and nourishes the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Her precise hands on adjustments help students to access and awaken the life force in the dormant areas of the body.
You might recognize her from our neon February GLOWGA event!


Yoga- Tuesdays, 10:15am

Kate Meske, is an experienced Group Exercise Instructor, and NASM-CPT, with over 15 years experience, and a strong passion for the health and fitness industry.

With the implementation of dynamic training, pumping music, effective stretching techniques, crazy energy and A LOT of fun, Kate helps her classes and clients, go above and beyond what they thought they were ever capable of!


Circuit Insanity- Mondays, 6:15pm

Lisandro started dancing two years ago and was inspired by the love of music and now he is inspired by his students. If you’re looking for motivation and a fun work out while you dance, he guarantees all of it in just one package. He swears you don’t even have to know how to dance. Just move your body, follow his lead and you’ll have a blast!


Zumba- Wednesdays, 10:15am

Jeimy brings lots of Latin flavor and energy with her Dominican upbringing and became a Zumba Instructor 6 years ago. Back in the Dominican Republic, she worked with well known Fitness Clubs and was consistently invited to showcase her Zumba moves on TV shows! Jeimy’s Zumba classes are more like Zumba Parties-  so if you want to have fun while achieving the body and health goal desired, come and join the party!


Zumba- Fridays, 10:15am

Sabrina’s expertise and attention to clients’ needs make her a great asset to our team! She has a high level of energy that you will see in the invigorating spin and bootcamp classes. As an NPC bikini competitor, she knows what it takes to get results.Sabrina won her pro card last year in an all natural show and continues on a mission to always improve herself!  Let Sabrina help you on your mission to win and get the results you are looking for.


Spin - Tues, 5:45am & Thurs, 10:15am

Joan’s mantras are “A day without spinning is a like a day without sunshine” and a “body in motion, stays in motion.” She has been teaching spin for over 12 years and is a certified Star 3 instructor. Joan thrives for cardio and loves to participate in 5K & 10k runs around the area.  We are so excited to welcome Joan into our tight knit spin community!


Spin- Fridays, 5:45am Begins March 31st

Kejal has been practicing yoga for over 6 years. She is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor.  She completed the 200-hour training at Sonic Yoga in New York City.  Outside of the yoga room, she is a Finance Analyst and has an MBA in Strategy.


Yoga, Tuesdays & Thursday @ 7:15pm

It’s not about where we were, it’s about where we are. Completing a traditional  250hr RYT from Jaipure Yoga in Montclair New Jersey 2016, “Jai” instructs a gentle yet firm vinyasa practice, focused on alignment, tailored to the breath. Complete with meditation via Tibetan singing bowl, everyone achieves their own personal victory when we practice together. The instructions hope to serve as guidance to the aspiring yogi (or yogini)


Yoga, Wed @ 6:30am and Sun @ 9:15am

Sherrvell is a female bodybuilder competitor currently nationally qualified working towards becoming an IFBB Professional athlete. She is AFAA certified and loves teaching group fitness and being apart of people changing their lives in a positive way. She currently teaches Spin classes and other hardcore style classes as well.  Her main goal is to make the work in class seem more like a party full of sweat bringing people back each week.


Spin, Tues @ 6:15pm and Thurs @ 7:15pm

Fernando’s yoga practices is rooted in the power of healing that exists in our mind and body and all we have to do is learn to harness it. He guides students through an individual journey of unlocking freedom in body, which unlocks the potential of the mind.


Yoga, Mon @7:15pm & Wed @10:15am

“Begin where you are, as you are – Yoga will meet you there” –Glenda
Glenda‘s yoga journey began as a search for weight loss. She did not realize the peace and growth that would result from starting a yoga practice. She felt such a beautiful mental, physical, emotional and spiritual shift with her yoga practice that she knew that she had to teach others the life changing power of Yoga – one class, one student at time. Glenda is a Certified 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher & Holistic Stress Relief Coach.


Yoga, Tues & Thurs @7:15pm