The Juice Bar at Signature Fitness is so much more than just a “Juice Bar” its a lifestyle. We specialize in protein shakes but we are truly a one stop shop here to refresh your lifestyle. Offering everything from wheat grass shots to supplements. We also sale the Fit with Flavor meals and the six pack meal prep bags. Our goal is facilitate balance, because lets face it, life throws challenging choices at us every single day. Donuts or Green Juice? Stay in and relax or go the gym? Simply said, we are a be healthy and feel great type of place.


At Extreme Blendz, we strive hard to bring you the finest quality supplements, fruits and juices that go into each and every Extreme Blendz served. We know and understand that you work very hard to achieve your personal health goals and enjoy being a part of your extreme lifestyle.

Our products include weight gainers, muscle builders, fiber-rich blendz, low-carb supplement whips, specialty blendz, fat-burning blendz, energy-booster shooters, Extreme Caffeine Blendz and Kidz Blendz.