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Stay Cool This Summer

We are in the season of summer fun! Everything seems brighter and we spend more time outside, at the beach, the lake, enjoying campfires, barbeques, festivals, and all the fun that these warmer months bring. By the end of Summer, we can feel depleted, bloated, and burnt out. Instead of rushing into the next season by September, we can balance our bodies and minds and feel our best all summer long.

First, let’s examine the ways that we fall out of balance:

  1. Excessively eating foods that are fried, fermented, oily, spicy, sour, and intense, like caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Overscheduling our social and work calendar
  3. Gossiping, arguing, and debating
  4. Exercising in hot, humid environments
  5. Overly competitive exercise

These imbalances can show up in many ways. Our skin is usually the first part of our physical being that shows imbalances in the body and mind. In the summer, we tend to get skin rashes, acne, more prone to sunburn, and susceptible to poison ivy if we are around the plant. Too much heat in the body can also show up as heartburn, indigestion, bloating, and loose stools. Bloodshot, burning, and irritated eyes are also common telltale signs that there is too much heat in the body. Our behavior is affected as well. We tend to be more critical, easily angered, frustrated, and judgmental.

Like all things in the natural world, there are holistic remedies to cool our fire and enjoy the best of the season in balance:

  1. Nourish Yourself  – Favor nourishing, cooling, and simple foods. Leafy greens, bitter and astringent foods like arugula, and cucumbers. Light soups and any grain are also welcome nutrition for the body.
  2. Exercise – Exercise in a well-ventilated, cool facility.
  3. Slow down – Relax the social and professional calendar. With FOMO a very real feeling, we can put ourselves into overdrive. Take a step back, even if it’s a small part of your day, to chill. Spend time in nature, walk barefoot in the cool morning grass, relax in the shade.
  4. Massage – Practice self-care with a coconut oil self-massage, a cool foot bath, or shower – a cool shower at the end of the day can feel amazing right before you get into bed.
  5. Cold Plunge – Take a cold plunge to reduce inflammation, swelling, and stress. Jump into the ocean at sunrise and experience deep healing from the negative ions by the ocean, Sunbathe with the rising sun. If you can’t get to the ocean, there are local health facilities that now offer cold plunge services.

Lastly, think good thoughts, meditate, and realize the gift of being alive! Take care of yourself and then share your cool, beaming, balanced self with the people around you.

Written by Prema Michelle Petersen