(MEMBER PRICE) Handstand Workshop – Nov. 19th 12-2:30PM



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Handstand Workshop
with Fernando Coelho


WHEN: November 19th
TIME: 12:00 – 2:30PM

Our ultimate goal is to be exactly where our body is, in the PRESENT!

One of yoga’s most powerful tools of accomplishing this is to invert!

Purposely flipping not only our physical bodies but our emotional ones. Allowing gravity to provide the brain with more oxygen and blood flow, improving focus, concentration and overall mental functioning.

This workshop will help you build a foundation to develop a strong handstand. You will learn the basics to find your way upside down, as well as exercises to strengthen your inversion practice.

We work on form and technique but our biggest hurdle will be to FEAR!

Most of our inversion practice or lack there of is all controlled by this one emotion! Master even the basics and you will start to see a confidence growing through all areas of your life! No experience required! Looking forward to seeing you upside down!


Member Price: $30

Non-member Price: $35