Valentine’s day is here and images of hearts, chocolates, articles on self-love, and the perfect ‘Gift lists’ are everywhere. It’s that time of the year when we express our love to our loved ones with gifts, cards, and romantic excursions. Doesn’t it make you smile to think of people just taking time to be in love? All relationships need nurturing and Valentine’s Day is a good time to shower our loved ones with affection and chocolates.
It’s also worth mentioning that with all this Valentine expression there is one relationship that can always use nurturing and that is the relationship that we have with ourselves. So before we reach out to others, we can cultivate the kind of love that’s written in the stars within our own selves.
Love shows up as having patience for oneself and taking care of oneself. Being kind to ourselves can lower anxiety, ease depression, and gives us a sense of ownership over the aspects of our lives that we can control. Self-love can grow our resilience and expand our hearts to include others. Practicing self-love can help us to awaken the deep love that exists within all of us. Every time you have picked yourself up after a heartbreaking fall, every time you saw someone in need and reached out to help them, or quietly put your life in loving order one deep breath at a time, you begin to realize that everything you have been searching for is within.
Often the moments that we are invited to choose to move from this loving place are really challenging moments. They are the times in our lives when we would rather lash out at each other, and/or sabotage ourselves in a myriad of addicting ways that the world offers us. So, how do we overcome the obstacles to choose the loving route? Preparedness is key and we can start to reshape our patterns today. Here are a few ways you can start to strengthen a loving connection within your own self:
  • Quiet Time. Take time to be quiet and get to know yourself away from your screens, and the noise of daily life. Insight Timer is a cool app with soothing bells to time your meditation. Even just 5 minutes can be enough to spend time with your thoughts.
  • Journal. Write down what you really like about yourself and expand on those aspects of yourself. Journal about a time in your life when you were hurt, lonely or sad, and contemplate that time. In your mind go back to that age and let yourself know that ‘I got you, I see you and I’m here for you’. Speak to your younger self the way you would speak to someone that you love and respect.
  • Forgive. People hurt others, because they’re hurt. When we realize that we become more compassionate towards others and are able to forgive. It doesn’t mean you should stay close to people who continually hurt  you. In fact, distance might be best. However, we can forgive others, not take everything so personally, and learn from each situation.
  • Say Thank You. When you wake up in the morning, say thank you. Thank you for existing, that in of itself is a miracle. You are here and as the universe moves through you, there is a reason for your being.
  • Help Others. If there is a way that you can be of assistance, do it. If there’s a kind word that can be employed, say it. We exist on this earth together for a reason. It’s through each other that we can realize Love.

I leave this list with you. Maybe just pick one thing I mentioned, think about it, and if you agree it could be useful, try it out for a day. These practices take practice, but are worth the effort because there is an infinite love inside each of us just waiting to be expressed 💕 and on a beautiful plus note, when we love ourselves, this has a ripple effect on others. People can pick up on our emotional state through mirror neurons, so our compassion and self-love is contagious!    Prema xx

p.s. meaning of Prema = Divine Love 🙂