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Stay Cool This Summer

We are in the season of summer fun! Everything seems brighter and we spend more time outside, at the beach, the lake, enjoying campfires, barbeques, festivals, and all the fun that these warmer months bring. By the end of Summer, we can feel depleted, bloated, and burnt out. Instead of rushing into the next season by September, we can balance our bodies and minds and feel our best all summer long.

First, let’s examine the ways that we fall out of balance:

  1. Excessively eating foods that are fried, fermented, oily, spicy, sour, and intense, like caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Overscheduling our social and work calendar
  3. Gossiping, arguing, and debating
  4. Exercising in hot, humid environments
  5. Overly competitive exercise

These imbalances can show up in many ways. Our skin is usually the first part of our physical being that shows imbalances in the body and mind. In the summer, we tend to get skin rashes, acne, more prone to sunburn, and susceptible to poison ivy if we are around the plant. Too much heat in the body can also show up as heartburn, indigestion, bloating, and loose stools. Bloodshot, burning, and irritated eyes are also common telltale signs that there is too much heat in the body. Our behavior is affected as well. We tend to be more critical, easily angered, frustrated, and judgmental.

Like all things in the natural world, there are holistic remedies to cool our fire and enjoy the best of the season in balance:

  1. Nourish Yourself  – Favor nourishing, cooling, and simple foods. Leafy greens, bitter and astringent foods like arugula, and cucumbers. Light soups and any grain are also welcome nutrition for the body.
  2. Exercise – Exercise in a well-ventilated, cool facility.
  3. Slow down – Relax the social and professional calendar. With FOMO a very real feeling, we can put ourselves into overdrive. Take a step back, even if it’s a small part of your day, to chill. Spend time in nature, walk barefoot in the cool morning grass, relax in the shade.
  4. Massage – Practice self-care with a coconut oil self-massage, a cool foot bath, or shower – a cool shower at the end of the day can feel amazing right before you get into bed.
  5. Cold Plunge – Take a cold plunge to reduce inflammation, swelling, and stress. Jump into the ocean at sunrise and experience deep healing from the negative ions by the ocean, Sunbathe with the rising sun. If you can’t get to the ocean, there are local health facilities that now offer cold plunge services.

Lastly, think good thoughts, meditate, and realize the gift of being alive! Take care of yourself and then share your cool, beaming, balanced self with the people around you.

Written by Prema Michelle Petersen


3 Benefits of Having A Regular Exercising Schedule

Exercising is the act of engaging in physical activity that will help you sustain and improve your overall health. Physical activity can include swimming, running, dancing, walking, strength training and more! Creating an exercising routine will help you stay on track of your fitness and health goals. Want to know 3 benefits of having a regular exercise routine? Read on to find out. 

Increases Your Energy Levels

To begin maintaining a regular exercise routine can really help boost your energy levels. Regular exercising can help increase your endorphin levels. “Endorphins are chemicals the body releases when it is under stress or in pain. Endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce emotional stress, and offer a sense of well-being.” ( The more energy you use the more you will have. Regular consistent exercise will also get your heart rate going and give you much more stamina. Overall regular exercise is great for you. 


It Can Help With Weight Loss

In addition, physical activity is important for overall good health but it also is important if you want to lose weight or maintain weight. Burning calories through regular exercise and controlling the amount of calories you intake will help put you in a calorie deficit. Being in a calorie deficit will result in weight loss. If you want to maintain your weight you need to keep up with a regular exercise schedule. It is recommended that you start your exercise schedule 2-3 times a week and work your way up.  

Improves Sleep Quality

Lastly, having a regular exercise schedule can help improve your sleep quality. Getting more sleep will instantly make you feel energized the next day. According to the Sleep Organization “moderate-to-vigorous exercise can increase sleep quality for adults by reducing sleep onset – or the time it takes to fall asleep – and decrease the amount of time they lie awake in bed during the night”. ( A regular exercise schedule can actually relax you and help you stop tossing and turning at night. Who doesn’t want that? 

Join Signature Fitness Today

Above all, exercising on a regular basis can offer you incredible benefits that can help improve your health on the inside and out. If you are ready to start a regular exercise schedule, Signature Fitness in Belleville, NJ is the place to go! We are open 24/7 and offer a 1 day guest pass to check out our facility. Our state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated staff, and outstanding amenities provide a unique environment. Our members can enjoy fitness, relaxation, and recreation. Visit us today! 

Simple Ways to Stay Fit in the Summer

Summertime is officially here! This means school is out and summer travel is in! And although this change in season and mindset may seem like a reason to abandon your fitness routine, think differently. Sticking to your fitness goals all while having fun is easier than you might think! As a 24/7 hour gym with FREE childcare, we are here to support your goals this summer!

Here are some tips to get your fitness on the go in the summertime.


In order to avoid fatigue and dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your trip.
Staying hydrated, especially when flying or spending long amounts of time in a car, is essential to an effective workout.

Here’s a tip: contemplate snagging an aisle seat for those frequent bathroom breaks!


There are so many great apps that can support you away from the gym. Some of our favorites include RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Couch to 5K, and Strava. Be sure to download the apps, find regimens or


This summer, it may be difficult to find a babysitter during your gym time or outdoor fitness activities. However, you and your significant other, friend, or family member can take turns watching the little ones. For instance, while one parent takes the workout, the other can take the kids to lunch at a restaurant nearby. After the workout is over, you’d switch!

Don’t forget, your child is always welcome FREE of charge at Signature Fitness.


Now is the time to prioritize and sign up for that 5K, sprint triathlon, spartan race, or even a tough mudder!


Eating healthy on vacation can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. One way to do this is to rent a vacation home instead of a hotel. With a kitchen nearby, you can be sure that you and your family stay on track with fitness goals.  Not only will you be able to eat and cook healthily, but you could also save money on expensive hotel fees.


Big Things Happening in Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness Department is growing this Summer. We are excited to introduce new instructors from our neighboring communities, Nutley and Montclair. We also updated our beautiful yoga studio and modern cycling studio. You can now experience hot yoga here at Signature Fitness!
If you haven’t made time to work out recently, it’s ok. Each day we begin again. Take this reminder as an opportunity to stop in Signature Fitness and try a boot camp class with Ryan or a yoga class with our new Kundalini yoga teacher, Alexis.  Hope to see you soon!

March Powerlifting Contest Results & Prizes

March Powerlifting Contest Results & Prizes

We had an awesome turnout at our first Powerlifting contest of 2017. Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all our winners! We anticipate hosting another event in May and we will keep you posted on the details.

Deadlift: Max Lift

Female – Weight Class 103-139 lbs.

  • Radhika Patel / Weight – 105 lbs. / Max Lift – 275 lbs.
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership Credit (Current Member)

Female  – Weight Class 139 lbs. +

  • Sherein Abdelhady / Weight – 155 lbs. / Max Lift – 385 lbs.
  • Prize: $50.00 Pro Shop Gift Card

Male – Weight Class 129-189 lbs.

  • Jason Portugal / Weight – 178.2 lbs. / Max Lift – 575 lbs.
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership (Non-Member)

Male  – Weight Class 190 lbs. +

  • Jose Vergara / Weight – 205 lbs. / Max Lift – 635 lbs.
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership (Non-Member)


Bench Press: Body Weight for Reps


  • Radhika Patel / Weight – 105 lbs. / Reps – 4
  • Prize: $50.00 Pro Shop Gift Card


  • Jason Velazquez / Weight – 187 lbs. / Reps – 42
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership (Non-Member)


Pull-Ups: Most Pull-Ups (Chin Over Bar)


  • Radhika Patel / Weight – 105 lbs. / Reps – 16
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership Credit (Current Member)


  • Dorian Harris / Weight – 150 lbs. / Reps – 36
  • Prize: 3 Month Membership (Current Member)


You Asked We Delivered

New Machine Upgrades

At the end of the month we’re excited to announce that members will find 4 new machines at the gym. See the pictures and descriptions below.

  • Stadium style spin studio with Life Fitness ICG 7 Bikes
  • Techno Gym Stepmills
  • Techno Gym Excite Upright Bike
  • Life Fitness Integrity Treadmills